Mission Statement

To actively promote;

(i) the use of Tamil Language as the primary medium of communication amongst Tamils and

(ii) the use of Thirukkural as a referral-point for resolving the challenges faced by individuals for their well-being in their daily life.

Primary Objectives

1. To impart and promote the knowledge of the ancient Tamil Culture, its rich tradition and heritage, and its continued relevance to the present times and to encourage the active use of the Tamil Language amongst Tamils.

2. To actively promote the teaching and learning of Thirukkural and its application as a referral source for ones well-being in their daily life.

3. To engage in International cooperation & affiliation to enhance the use of the Thirukkural, to propagate the Tamil Culture and Language and to develop the Tamils as a cohesive and united community to meet challenges ahead of them and move forward in a multi-racial and multi-ethnic environment.

Other Objectives

(i) To work with and engage the local primary and secondary school Tamil teachers and students towards the active use of the Tamil Language and Thirukkural

(ii) To work closely with Activity Groups in Community Centers to popularise and promote the active use of the Tamil Language, Literature, Arts, Culture and Thirukkural through regular activities and competitions.

(iii) To collect, compile, print, publish and distribute journals, periodicals, leaflets, books and posters that are desirable for the active promotion of the Tamil Language, Literature, Arts, Culture and Thirukkural in Singapore.

(iv) To arrange for local and foreign scholars and professionals to deliver talks, conduct programs, courses and seminars on subjects related to the above objectives.


(i) To get one-in-ten Tamils in Singapore to learn, recite and understand the meanings of at least 30 Thirukkural stanzas by the end of 2020.

(ii) To participate in activities and celebrations such as the Valar Thamizh Iyakkam, Thamizhar Thirunaal Vizha etc. locally and internationally and to organize / conduct at least one such event each quarter.


Thiruvalluvar Tamil Valarchik Kazhakam had its humble beginnings as an informal gathering of the early migrants from the Karambakkudi Taluk in Tamil Nadu, comprising of some 40 odd small villages in the 1900s. They called themselves, “Karambakkudi Thiruvalluvar Tamil Valarchik Kazhakam”.

The group assisted the early Tamil migrants to settle down and establish themselves in Singapore. The group rented a premise at number 103, Rowell Road and converted the 2nd storey into a temporary boarding house.

A Thirukkural book retrieved from this premise indicates that the group had set up a library prior to 1949. The group actively campaigned against alcoholism among its members. It organised and conducted a ‘Toastmasters Club’ like activity for its members. It also actively promoted the habit of reading, the reciting of the Thirukkural, poetry and short-story writing among its members.

What was even admirable was it had served all Tamils irrespective of religious beliefs. The Kazhakam had recognised and celebrated 1st of Thai as Tamil New Year since the 1940s with its Tamil Muslims members. The celebrations included mass pongal, music, stage-plays, Kural recital, speeches and presentation of books to students from less fortunate families.

It also actively supported all the activities and campaigns of Thamizhavel G. Sarangabani, and even formed a volunteer group to provide logistic support for all his activities. It was after much persuasion from G. Sarangabani that the group eventually decided to officially register the Kazhakam in 1952. It is believed to be one of the older Tamil Organisations in Singapore.

At the AGM of the Kazhakam held on 16th May 2009 a new team of home bred “third-generation” Singaporeans were elected to the Executive Committee. The new team at the helm is full of enthusiasm to take the Kazhakam to greater heights in the years to come.

The primary objective of the Thiruvalluvar Tamil Valarchik Kazhakam is to actively promote the use of the Tamil Language as the medium of communication amongst Tamils and the wide application of Thirukkural as a referral-point to overcome the challenges of the individuals in their daily life and for their general progress and well-being.

The Kazhakam launched its official Website, “http://www.tamilvalluvam.org” on Sunday 20th September 2009.

The Kazhakam produced a dance drama entitled “Poyyaak Kaviyam” based on the Kural couplets and staged it on XXXXX at the XXXX which was very well received by the general public. People from several walks of Singaporean Tamils, non-Tamils and tourists

The Kazhakam will actively promote the study of the Tamil Language, Literature, Culture and the Thirukkural; probably the world’s only universal philosophy which transcends religious, social and cultural boundaries, besides the Confucian Analects of the Chinese People.

The Kazhakam largely depends on the donations from members and well-wishers and the membership subscriptions of its members to conduct its activities. We write to appeal to your goodself to support our objectives by signing up as a member. Your support will give the executive committee members the much needed encouragement and motivation to work harder to disseminate our objectives to a wider group of Tamils in Singapore.

Our Address: 44 Kim Keat Road Singapore 328817 Telephone: 66006046 Email: secretary@tamilvalluvam.org